Lesson #26 – “Flattening” Our World

Our major task for today will be to share information on the 10 “flatteners” that Friedman identifies in Chapter 2. Your written summaries should appear on the Blog Entry #2 below as “comments,” and they will be the subject matter for your next required blog entry. I figure that we might as well go straight through the list, and we’ll give each group up to maybe five minutes to share what they read as well as answer questions.

Assume that no one else has read either the section or your summary. Explain Friedman’s point to us using whatever examples, anecdotes and/or facts that seem most appropriate. We’ll probably have questions, but I am also interested in your own assessment of just how important you believe the flattener has been/ will be. Also, I’m curious about any ethical implications or other issues that you feel “your” flattener might raise.

The “Flatteners”
#1 – 11/9/89 –
#2 – 8/9/95 –
#3 – Work Flow Software –
#4 – Uploading –
#5 – Outsourcing –
#6 – Off-Shoring –
#7 – Supply Chaining –
#8 – Insourcing –
#9 – In-forming –
#10 – The Steroids –

HOMEWORK for tomorrow – Tuesday, May 13th

Tomorrow, we’ll do the quiz on the 40 countries. (There is a word bank for you to use.)

Please read Chapter 3 of The World Is Flat, “The Triple Convergence.” for Wednesday’s class.

Remember that the three “short essay” questions from last Friday’s exam should be turned in tomorrow. (Either print out or email as an attachment.) You can choose any three of the ten questions listed on last Tuesday’s blog entry.

Blog Entry 2.5 (above this entry) should be submitted by class time on Thursday. (That involves you individually reacting to another of the “flatteners.”)

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